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Referee Evaluation Form

Welcome to the CMHA Referee’s evaluation form for coaches. This form has been developed by the RIC and will be administered online through the CMHA Website. The purpose of this form is to give the coaches of CMHA an opportunity to give constructive feedback to the RIC with the intention of improving the on-ice officials in Coquitlam and to identify areas of concern or positive officiating.

Please take a moment to complete and submit the following report. CMHA and the RIC value the feedback we receive. This report will be used to monitor and address the performance of the On Ice Officials as well as will be used to identify both, weaknesses and strengths, including areas of improvement required to positively impact the performance, quality and consistency of the officials. Submissions for any particular game are to be submitted no later than 48hr after a scheduled game where CMHA Officials are working the game. All surveys will be forwarded to the RIC of CMHA and will remain confidential.

Here’s how the form is to work:

1. After the game, the Coach and/or Assistant Coach will have the option to submit their feedback on the game. I would only ask that one of two completions of the form. In the event that there was an issue with the Officials during the game, then a form should be completed and submitted. The other being where an official(s) have done an exceptional job and this should also generate a report.

2. There will be 5 categories to report:
i) Attitude and effort/Appearance – Did the officials have a good attitude toward the game? Did they look like they wanted to be there? How were they dressed?
ii) Rule Knowledge and application – were the rules applied properly? Was the current Rule Emphasis enforced?
iii) Game Management & Safety Issues – was the game called consistently both ways? Did the officials have an understanding of game flow?
iv) Communication with Players and Coaches – Did the Referee communicate with the players on the ice during the play? Did the Referee communicate any serious issues to the coaches as required? Were the Linesmen vocal (ie – icings/offsides)
v) Positioning – Were the officials in the right position to make the correct call? 

3. There will also be a comment box for further clarification of the official. This space will be limited so choose your comments to get your point across succinctly.

Important Notes
– I will only accept reports, especially ones where are issues are concerned with the officials. If a report cannot be submitted in that time frame, then there is no problem to be dealt with.
– Reports are not anonymous. This is important. The RIC needs the ability to contact the coach personally should a further investigation be required. Any report submitted without a contact coach, will not be accepted. The information however will only be kept by the RIC and not divulged to anyone else.
– Non constructive reviews will neither be accepted nor appreciated. I ask that the coaches use the system for what it is intended – Constructive information exchange, both good and bad.


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