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Health Screening& Contact Tracing

As at July 1 2021 Health Screening and Contact Tracing are no longer mandatory. 

The Executive Board is requesting that each family carefully consider their current health situation and use the abundance of caution, avoiding the rink if anyone is feeling unwell. 

The CMHA recommended tool to assess your health is


CIty of Coquitlam Facility Updates

Effective Sept 13 2021

  • All community recreation centre lobbies will be open
  • Spectators will be permitted in facilities, stay within the BC restart capacity limits (see page 8)
  • Lockers, change rooms at PSLC and CCAC, and the café at PSLC will be open
  • Proof of vaccination will not be required for youth hockey events



Planet Ice Facility Policies 


UPDATE Added September 13 2021


August 24, 2021 

Mandatory Face Mask Policy 

• All employees, visitors, and customers are required to wear a mask or face covering upon  entering and remaining within any Planet Ice Facility. The mask or face covering must cover  the nose, mouth, and chin.  

• Temporary removal of the mask or face covering is permitted for the following purposes:  

o Athletes - On ice participation and players benches (Field of Play).  

o Athletes - Within the dressing room, only when a helmet is being worn. When an  athlete’s helmet is removed, the athlete will wear a face mask or face covering. 

o While at a table dining at Boomers Bar & Grill. 

o For any emergency or medical purpose.  

Persons entering or remaining in the facility without a mask or face covering will be given a verbal reminder of the policy’s masking requirement. Failure to comply will  result in person being banned from the facility and group suspended.  

Athletes Access to the Facility  

• Athletes, coaches, team managers, safety ambassadors, referees, and essential volunteers  are permitted to enter the facility 30 minutes prior to ice time. 

• 2 Dressing rooms per ice rental will be allocated to the rental. 

• There is no dryland / warm up to be done within the facility. 

• Athletes must exit the facility within 30 minutes of the rental ending.  

Spectator Access to the Facility 

• All Spectators will access the facility 5-minutes prior to ice time. 

• Spectators MUST stay within the spectator area that their athlete is participating on. 

• Gatherings in lobby areas is prohibited. Please remain within the rink that your group is  skating. 

• All Spectators must exit immediately at the scheduled end time of the ice rental.

Spectator Occupancy 

It is the user groups responsibility to ensure that maximum occupancies on each rink are not  exceeded.  

• Planet Ice Coquitlam (Each Rink) maximum capacity 100.