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CMHA Safety Plan

Coquitlam Minor Hockey Association Emergency Plan

The following is a safety plan to be used in the event of a medical emergency, fire, earthquake, or power outage that requires the players to be organized and/or evacuated from the rink or training area.

The primary role of the Hockey Canada Safety Program is risk management.  As the safety person for the team, I am here to identify, assess, control, and eliminate or minimize risk of bodily injury or financial loss arising from our activities.

In the event of injury, the HCSP will assess.  I will defer first aid to XXXXXXX or XXXXXXX.  On-ice injuries will be actioned as follows:

  • One of the coaches will make the first assessment of any one-ice injuries;
  • In the event of serious injury, the attending coach will summon me to the player.  I will then designate a call person before going onto the ice;
  • Assessment of airway/breathing/circulation;
  • If an ambulance is required, I will notify the call person, who will be waiting at the rink gate to do so; and
  • Call person will then appoint another to guide the emergency services from the front door to the injured player directly.

Person in Charge in the event of Emergency: [      XXXXXX   HCSP        ]



Call Person: XXXXXXXX or appointed at the time of incident by HCSP

Please complete in full your medical information cards and write clearly.  Coaches too.

Dressing rooms will have two (2) rostered team officials present at all times.  Always “2 deep” with the players at any team function.  All the time, every time, no exceptions.

Sickness and health.  Each year, many teams have experienced lengthy battles with flu and colds.  If your child is sick, stay away from the rink.  Sick siblings should stay out of the dressing room for the same reasons. Germs move quickly in the rooms and on the bench.


In the event a player is injured and misses or can’t complete a game or practice, a letter from a physician is necessary before he/she is allowed back on the ice.

Water bottles are the players’ responsibility.  Fill them at home and keep them clean.  Replace the bottles after a few months of use.

Conduct of parents at the rink has forced many Associations in the area to initiate a Yellow/Red Card system.  Be aware that someone from another team may ask you leave and, if you refuse to do so, the referee may get involved.


Should you have any safety concerns, please bring them to my attention right away.  The coaches and management of this team will be doing everything we can to foster a safe, fun, and healthy environment for our kids to develop.


For more information and publications regarding these topics, please see the following:


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