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Hockey Canada Safety Person

Minor Hockey relies on volunteers at all levels and the CMHA is no exception.  If you are thinking about volunteering or have already decided to step up, don't be intimidated by "Respect in Sport" or the HCSP course.  They are designed for volunteers, not experts, so you don't need to know First Aid or even how to skate.  All you need is a desire to get involved and help kids play the greatest sport ever!

The safety official is a volunteer who has become HCSP certified.  This certification program must be successfully completed every three years in order to be a team’s safety person, even if the individual is a medical professional.  

Every team MUST have a qualified HCSP in place by November 30th or there will be punitive actions taken by Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association.  There are no exceptions to this.  Qualified means that all required clinics have been completed. 

The Safety Official:

  • must conduct regular checks of players’ equipment;
  • is responsible for promoting proper warm-up and conditioning techniques as a form of injury prevention;
  • coordinates plans for road trips, tournaments, etc. and assists in the overall supervision of the team;
  • establishes medical history files on every player and carries these files and the team first aid kit on every outing;
  • implements an Emergency Action Plan for the team and through this is prepared to react in the event of accidents, injuries, and medical emergencies;
  • manages all injuries, learns to recognize serious injuries, and refers injured players to qualified professionals; and
  • must assume a leadership role in promoting the values of safety, fair play, and integrity

Links to the required courses can be found on the BC Hockey website.


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