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Ice Information


You must send an email from link at bottom of page confirming you have read all these instructions and identifying ONE person from your team who is managing your ice.  This  email confirmation must be received or there will be no response to your ice requests.

All ice must be returned, booked, traded by the HOME team responsible for the ice time through the LINKS provided and following the important information below - please do not send general emails for ice.

·  Extra Ice – ALL EXTRA ICE MUST BE BOOKED THROUGH THE ICE ALLOCATOR INCLUDING NON-CMHA ICE - if you are wishing to book ice outside of the association you must have permission from the ice allocator to do so. Please note that any ice booked outside of the association is not covered by our insurance and teams will be required to purchase insurance for their teams if they are granted permission to book non-cmha ice.

·  AM morning practise times and or Powerskating times CAN NOT be returned for credit; they must be traded for another morning time. Please work closely with other teams to facilitate trades. 

·  CONFLICT GAME ICE can be booked by the home team to resolve GAME conflicts – you must return a game time to book  these ice times and include the conflict game # unless it is within 10 days prior to the date. These slots are meant to resolve game conflicts, not for extra practises.  Do not email requests to book these times without a game slot trade unless it is within 10 days prior to the date:  

Handy Tip - check the PCAHA HISPORT Schedule for the schedule of team you are trying to reschedule with prior to booking/holding conflict ice.  If you offer 2 ice times for which they do not have a game conflict and they decline, please ask them to provide the ice.  

**Note: Just because PCAHA says you have a game doesn't necessarily mean that you do, check with me if you are unsure if you have that ice. I.E Christmas break we do not have regular ice (Dec 21, 2019-Jan 5, 2020). Lots of games get scheduled during that break but we have tournaments so please when in doubt check with me.

·  No Shows – There will be a surcharge equal to the cost of the ice applied to Teams who have ice either assigned or booked and do not use it.   The Facility Management will be reporting no shows to us.

·  Returns - Ice must be returned by the team responsible for the ice time 21 days prior to the date in order to ensure credit for the team. - Ice returned less than 15 calendar days prior will not be credited. **The only exception to this is for 24hrs after the league schedule is released. **  AM Practise and/or Powerskating times cannot be returned for credit  – only traded.  If 2 teams share the ice, ie) H1 to H4 - then both teams must agree to the return or there is no credit. 

·  Trades: are only from Team to Team and must be noted to the Ice Allocator.  Ice cannot be traded for the season without confirmation from the Coordinator(s) and the Ice Allocator

·  Extra Ice may be booked from the Available Ice listed by emailing the Ice Allocator as outlined below

·  Ice Returned to the City (in blue on the available ice page) may be available but will need to be requested back from the City.  Please be sure that you want this ice prior to booking as it CAN NOT be returned and your team will be charged for it if I am successful in getting it back.  This ice CAN NOT be put on hold as it is no longer in our possession.

·  Holding Ice: Ice may be held by the home team responsible for the ice time for 24 hours for conflict games while you confirm with the other coach.  Ice being held for a team will be identified as HOLD and will only be held for a conflict game - please include game #.  

·  Billing – all extra ice will be billed to the team and charged directly to their bank account.  Credits for returned ice may only be used toward additional ice.  There will be no cash value applied for unused credits


Manual email to

The Email Subject header must read as follows:

Team  - Booking / Returning / Trading Ice– Ice daydatestart time, end timearena and if a trade, note to which block you are trading. 

Examples:  B A1 Booking Wed Oct 3.13 8pm – 9:30pm Main  or  B A1 Trading Wed Oct 3.13 8pm – 9:30pm Main w/ P A3 Thu Oct 4.14 6pm – 7:30pm  

All trades must be cc’d to the other team and I will “reply all”.

**Please note that due to volume of email, if your request is not set up correctly, it may not be responded to in time.**

Confirmations: The Ice Allocator will reply to email requests with "Confirmation" in the subject header when the ice is confirmed by the ICE ALLOCATOR. It is the team’s responsibility to keep all confirmation emails in case of any billing discrepancies. Credits will not be issued for ice returns without a confirmation from the Ice Allocator. If you return ice and have not received a confirmation within 48 hours, please resend email along with the original.

Billing: Teams will be sent a summary of all ice returns/bookings/trades twice a season- approx. mid December and approx. mid/late March.  Teams with billing discrepancies must email the ice allocator within one week of receiving the summary billing and include the email confirmation from Ice allocator as support for any discrepancies. Discrepancies will not be looked into without this support so please keep the confirmations easily accessible.

Team bank accounts will automatically be deducted in March for extra ice owing for the season. It is the teams responsibility to keep a running total of all extra ice booked to ensure enough team funds are available for payment. Please keep copies of emails from the ice allocator as support for any discrepancies. 

Credits for ice returns can only be used to book replacement ice. There will be no monies returned to teams who do not rebook.


Game Conflicts - It is in everyone's best interest to plan ahead to identify and resolve all conflicts  as soon as your schedule is released.  There will be a limited amount of conflict game ice held back from the general available ice for 2 weeks only.   Any ice that a team cannot use, MUST be returned to the ice allocator or traded with another team ASAP to ensure CMHA uses ice effectively. No Show charges will apply

Tournaments - Teams are aware of tournaments weeks if not months ahead of time. There is no excuse not to return/trade ice times that you will not be using due to tournaments at least 15 days prior to the date. No Show charges will apply

Holidays - Pro-D Days, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Remembrance Day, Grey Cup etc. are not surprises.  No Show charges will apply

2019 - 2020 SEASON –RATES and DATES

Rates – include taxes            

Prime time is 4pm – 10:30pm Mon to Fri and all day Sat, Sun & Statutory Holidays

                           Prime             Non-Prime               

1 hour          $140.00              $135.00
1.25 hour     $170.00             $160.00
1.50 hour     $200.00              $185.00

Regular Season (Fall) Begins September 10th. 

Powerskating runs from the week of October 15th

Development and Goalie clinics run from the week of October 15th

Christmas Break: Dec 21, 2019-Jan 5, 2020 (May be “A” makeup games scheduled)
Regular Season (Winter) begins Monday Jan 6, 2019

Last Day of Regular Season Ice: H1 – March 1st

Last Day of Regular Season Ice: H2 - March 1st

Last Day of Regular Season Ice  H3- H4  - March 13

Last Day of Regular Season Ice  Atom - Juvenile - Friday March 13 , 2020

Spring Break SD #43 - March 13 - 27 2020


Please click on this email link to confirm an official from your team has read this information. Please enter your team name in the subject line of the email. Your team will not be able to book any additional ice without this confirmation back to the ice allocator. Please include your TEAM number in the subject line . Until this confirmation is received, ice requests will not be responded to. 


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