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Poirier Sport and Leisure Centre this weekend Dec 10th & 11th

By Deb Harper, 12/09/21, 8:30PM PST


Poirier Sport & Leisure Centre - Message to User Groups

Please note that this Saturday we will have the Coquitlam Christmas Farmer’s Market taking place from 9am – 4pm in the lower level of the facility. Preparation for the event will begin on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

What to prepare for:

  • All groups MUST use dressing rooms, no one can be getting ready in the lobby areas (especially outside of Arena 2 or 3)
    • I will email the dressing room assignments out Friday.
  • Parking will be limited, so please plan ahead – notify away teams to allow time to find parking (map attached)
  • Leave valuables at home
  • Arena 1 and 2 users I HIGHLY suggest entering through the back sliding doors and entering the facility that way
  • Arena 3 users I suggest entering through the South Entrance (closest to the Library)
  • No off-ice or warm-up/cool downs can take place in the Lobby areas


Things to know:

  • Proof of vaccination is NOT required for entry to the farmer’s market as this is considered an essential service (think of it as if you are walking into the mall).
  • Proof of vaccination is STILL required for spectators for your bookings, volunteers, etc… (nothing changes in that way)