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Team Wrap Ups

By Deb Harper, 01/25/21, 6:45PM PST


With the end of the season fast approaching, perhaps some of you are thinking about plans for a team wrap up.  Sadly, under the current Public Health Order this is not permitted. 

From VIA Sport:

Q: Can I attend a group activity with my youth sport team, like a wind-up, team photo shoot or holiday party, which is scheduled outside of my dedicated training time?

A: This is considered to be an event or social gathering and is prohibited by the PHO Order. Group activities, other than time dedicated to training, are not considered to be youth sport. These activities fall under the definition of “event” found in the PHO Health Order and is addressed under Section B of the Order.

If the PHO changes before end of season, we will definitely update you!

Thank you everyone for all of your patience through all this.  What a difficult season it has been but what is the most striking is the cooperation, patience and kindness our minor hockey community has shown.  Everyone has really pulled together and tried to stay as positive as they could through this pandemic and it has been wonderful to see.  Soon (not soon enough) this will all be in our rear view mirror and the parties can all start up again!

In the meantime, please plan a Zoom party or some other creative way to wrap up and say goodbye to 2020-2021!