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PHO Updates and Return to ViaSport Phase 3 with restrictions

By Deb Harper, 11/24/20, 10:30AM PST


We have received updated guidance from ViaSport, BC Hockey and PCAHA with respect to the return to Phase 3 and the ability for us to play games within our association.  The Provincial Health Order has been updated to provide for our return to games in a limited, specified format and it also makes it clear that no spectators are permitted.  We are working to understand from our facilities if there will be additional changes to their safety plans. Please be flexible if you arrive at the rink only to learn that a new protocol has been put in place.

A revised schedule will be provided as soon as possible to allow for game play up to December 17th.  There will be a pause in game play after December 17th to allow for the mandatory 2 week period between a change in cohorts. The plan, right now, is for new cohorts to be established after Christmas and games to continue into the new year.  Obviously, this will all depend on our ability to contain the spread of Covid. Between now and then we continue to ask for patience as things have been changing rapidly and we expect that this will be the norm for at least the near future. 

The updated Provincial Health Order replaces the previous order of November 7th and returns minor hockey to ViaSport Phase 3.  This means that scrimmages are permitted during practices and there is the ability to play a game against another team within your own Association.  Participation in games is voluntary with the provision that if the majority of teams in a cohort decide to ONLY play games within their own roster (scrimmages and/or 3 on 3, 4 on 4 etc) that the entire cohort will play only within their own roster.  

For U9 & below and C division:
U7, U9 and each C division shall each form one cohort and play scheduled games within their division (for example Coquitlam C1 against Coquitlam C3 etc) during this period.  There is no crossing over of divisions. There is no affiliating permitted.  

For A division:
Rep teams will be cohorted by division (U13 will have the A1, A2 and A3 team inside the cohort)

The schedule will reflect games between the teams (A1 vs A2 etc)

To ensure a fair and competitive game, PCAHA has decreed that actual game play will be under the jamboree style:

  • The game sheet will reflect the roster of each team . At the start of the game each team will be divided into "playing teams" comprised of approximately 50% of each rostered team
  • Each "playing team" will report to a bench. One set of coaches (not to be mixed) will coach "playing team A" with the other set of coaches coaching "playing team B" There will be questions about recording points etc on the game sheet and we are working to get you detailed information.

If teams wish to opt out of inter-team play, please inform us by Monday November 23rd at 3pm as we need to have our cohorts approved by PCAHA and get the games onto the schedule.  Please note that if you opt out of team play you may not opt back in once the schedule has been created.

There is no play permitted outside of the Coquitlam Minor Hockey Association in either division.  

We can address questions (with the best information that we have at this time) either by email or on the Zoom call on Monday.

Some reminders for everyone:

  1. There is to be no mixing of teams/informal ice sharing/ad hoc exhibition games outside of the official schedule;
  2. If there is any doubt about whether someone should attend hockey or if a practice/game should be cancelled, please use the abundance of caution. If you question if you should, just don't.  811 is the best place to go with questions;
  3. Major penalties and incidents risk shutting the cohort down, play the game as clean as possible;
  4. Provincial Health officials remain concerned about parents socializing around the sporting event.  Please no tailgating at our arenas. We anticipate facility staff to be vigilant about this and it risks us losing access to facilities entirely;
  5. Carpooling to events is prohibited by the Provincial Order. 

Again, thank you for your patience and your flexibility as we work through these changes in real time. We continue to do our best to ensure that the kids have the opportunity to get some exercise and have some fun during these very difficult and uncertain times.

Cate is available by telephone for questions, concerns on urgent matters 778-229-6732.

Again, thanks to everyone working so hard to keep hockey going for our children.  

Steve Adrain
President, Coquitlam Minor Hockey

Cate Takemori
Risk Manager, Coquitlam Minor Hockey