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Update on Parent Spectators

By Debra Harper, 11/18/20, 11:45AM PST


As we now have a rising number of confirmed cases of COVID19 within our community, we have  to be extra vigilant to make our  
team events as safe as possible to try and keep hockey going for our children as long as possible.   The positive benefits for our children continuing with team sport and their physical exercise generally outweigh the risk but we need to try and minimize risk wherever possible.  This means following the basics;  hand sanitizing, physically distancing, masks and staying home if you are unwell.  This also means we are asking that parents do not attend the ice time unless it is absolutely necessary for your child for you to be there.  From what we have learned, the risk to the children while they are on the ice is minimal but there is a high degree of risk coming from socializing.  This means parents and players congregating at the rink, before, during and after the ice time.  We are asking all of you to please have your children ready to go, with skate guards, and follow the direction of your Safety Ambassador.  Please contact your division coordinator for further details and to advise if it is necessary for your child to have you attend their ice times.  Thank you all for your cooperation in this challenging time.  We know that it is disappointing to be so distant from your child while they are on the ice but remember it is not forever and you many more ice times in the future you can attend provided we stay safe now.