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Covid19 Safety Plan Information & Guidelines

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COVID19 Facility Updates

By Deb Harper 10/02/2021, 9:15am PDT

Well, our 2021 - 2022 season is up and running. Thank you to all CMHA members for their patience and courtesy throughout this pandemic.

This is a reminder that all CMHA members are expected to respectfully adhere to the rules and regulations as set out by The Provincial Health Office, ViaSport, BC Hockey and PCAHA.

Each facility that we attend has their own regulations and these regulations may differ from each other. Our members must ensure they are familiar with the regulations of the facility they are attending to and be courteous and respectful of all individuals put in place to ensure adherence to them.

There will be zero tolerance of any kind of disrespect, abuse or harassment of anyone who is in the position of checking vaccine passports, masks, social distancing or any other facility rules. Please ensure you check the regulations and requirements of any facility you are attending prior to your arrival.

For our own facilities specifically, we provide the following information:

Planet Ice Coquitlam will have staff members checking proof of vaccination at the entry door. The proof of vaccination requirements are a digital or paper version of the vaccine passport and 1 piece of photo ID. This is required for entry to Planet Ice for everyone over the age of 11 other than players, rostered team officials and referees participating in that specific ice time. Line up must be in single file at the front entrance to be screened by the Facility Host. Masks are required everywhere except in the field of play.

The City of Coquitlam has left the onus on us, the user group, to ensure that the PHO is being followed at Poirier Sport and Leisure Centre arenas. Masks are required everywhere except in the immediate field of play.

CMHA teams have 2 options for their games, as it is expected that a practise will never have more than 50 spectators:

Option 1) A team may decide to limit spectators to 50, which means there is no requirement to check vaccine passports, but there is a requirement to ensure there are no more than 50 spectators and may have to prove that there was a maximum of 50 spectators if asked for such proof. The team will need to have some kind of registration list or sign-up sheet and a team volunteer must be appointed to ensure that the limit of 50 is not exceeded.

Option 2) A team may decide to not limit spectators in which case, a team volunteer must be at each entry door of the arena for the entire ice time and check vaccine passports and photo ID upon entry. Individuals entering the arena must be checked each and every time they enter so the volunteer may not leave their checking post for the duration of our ice time.

The lobby and cafeteria area are exempt from vaccine requirements however masks are still required.

Thank you again, all CMHA members, for your patience and respect during these past 18 months. Please continue to work together so we can all keep our children playing the game they love and hopefully, we can all keep watching them.


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