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2016-09-20T10:41:53-07:00September 20 2016, at 10:41 AM PDT, Bantam Coordinator said:

Bantam C, If you haven't seen the documents tab, please ensure you check for Balancing groups rosters and schedules regularly throughout Phase 3 in event that changes and updates are needed.

Balancing phase will wrap up by October 1st with a POTENTIAL rescheduled game which needs to be confirmed. Again please check in regularly until teams are set and your team roster and schedule systems are in place.

Again thank you for everyone's assistance in making this year go relatively smooth. If you have any questions please feel free to email to

Bantam Coordinator

2016-09-19T13:39:18-07:00September 19 2016, at 01:39 PM PDT, Bantam Coordinator said:

Today is start of Phase 3 (Balancing Games). Each group will play 3 games by Oct 1st. Please stay posted to this page and document tab during this stage as we are confident that there will be movement before teams are set.

The coaches will be informed of all schedule and team movement but please feel free to forward any questions to

Also note that the Senior games have affected CMHA ice times so coaches have not been provided their regular home game and practice schedule for the year. As soon as this is provided we will share with you.

In the mean time let the games begin.... and see you at the rink


2016-09-15T08:58:36-07:00September 15 2016, at 08:58 AM PDT, Bantam Coordinator said:

This Friday Sept 16 will be last game of evaluation scrimmage series. See DOCUMENT zone for groupings. Times have not changed.

Teams will be formed via DBD and posted between Sunday to Monday morning.

PCAHA Balancing games will transpire starting Sept 19th until Oct 1st. After any potential team adjustments required over balancing phase, season will then begin Oct 1st.

Please also continue checking the BANTAM C page for any adjustments throughout next PHASE 3 - BALANCING phase

2016-09-06T16:09:25-07:00September 06 2016, at 04:09 PM PDT, Bantam Coordinator said:

A huge Thank YOU to all coaches and volunteers that made our initial skate for 75 skaters go so smoothly. For those of you that were unable to attend the next step is the 3 scrimmages between Sept 9 & Sept 16th for each of them before evaluations are complete and we form teams for Balancing phase.

Please continue to check this page for 6 evaluation groups to be posted.